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Maxell Xli



Lot of 6 Maxell Normal Bias High Precision Phase Accuracy XLI 100 Cassette Tapes


MAXELL Vintage XLI 50-60B Sound Recording Tape Reel 1980s Japan


NEW Maxell XLI-S 60 Audio Cassette Tape SEALED (Read) IEC Type I Normal Japan


RARE NOS Maxell XLI-S & Used Maxell XLII-S 90 Blank Cassette Tapes




Maxell XLI 60 Blank Audio Cassette Tape IEC Type I 60 min Normal Bias NOS


Japanese Maxell XLI 46 Vintage Cassette Tape (1)


Lot of 16 Maxell Cassette Tapes UD XL II X-II Capsule XLI-S Sold As Blank


2 Maxell XLI 60 High Precision Cassette Tapes New Sealed


Set Of 5 New Maxell XLI 90 Cassettes Tapes Type I Made In Japan


Lot of 2 Maxell XLI 90 blank audiocassettes normal bias 90 minutes Japan NEW


Set of 4 New Sealed Maxell XLI-S 60 Cassettes Tapes Type I Made In Japan


Set of 4 New Sealed Maxell XLI 60 Cassette Tape Made in Japan


Set of 4 New Sealed Maxell XLI 46 Cassettes Tapes Type I Made In Japan


Maxell XLI-S 60 Super Fine Epitaxial Cassette, Made In Japan-Maxell C90 Lot


Set of 5 New Sealed Maxell XLI100 XLII-S 100 Cassette Tape


Maxell XLI 35-180B 192 Minutes Audio Tape/Metal Take Up Reel Used


MAXELL XLI 35-90B Master Sound Recording Tape.7" Used


15 Cassette Tapes Maxell TDK Denon Sony Scotch Fuji Low to High Bias UD XLI C-90


One Maxell XLI-S 90 blank audiocassette 90 minutes normal bias 1980-1982 NEW


MAXELL XLI 35-90B Master Recording Tape 1800' Brand New Sealed For 1 tape


4 Vintage MINT IN BOX FACTORY SEALED MAXELL 35-90B XLI 7" Reel to Reel Tapes


1 Sealed Maxell XLI 100 Blank Cassette Tape Normal Bias Type I Japan


New Maxell XLII90 cassettes, sealed pack of 3


4 Maxell Audio Cassette Tapes UR 120 Normal Bias PLUS 1 XLI Tape New in Wrappers


BRAND NEW SEALED XLI Maxell 35-90b mastering Tape Reel To Reel 35 90b NEW STOCK


LOT OF "3" Maxell XLI 35-90B Reel To Reel Tape Hi-output 1800 Ft Sound Recording


(3) Maxell UD/XLI 35-90/B 7"/1800' reel to reel tape excellence condition


Two Vintage (1980) Maxell XLI-S *Super Ferric* Cassette Tapes


Two Maxell XLI-S *Super Ferric* Type I Cassette Tapes